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Heartfelt Greetings For Family Christmas Cards

If you are like me, after Thanksgiving I cheerfully anticipate the many Christmas cards I receive from my family and friends across the nation. It is always so fun to learn the latest news, see how the children have grown, and see your friend getting one year older.

Of course there are some cards that just miss the mark and I wonder, why did they even take time to create and send this card. It makes you wonder! So in the spirit of love, kindness and fun, here are five tips to make your family Christmas memorable.

1) Include more than just one picture. Yes, it is a tradition of many families to get a studio portrait and do the stuffy we are all dressed alike look. That is fine, if it is one of your family traditions. But also include informal pictures of Billy doing a belly flop dive into the pool, or the pet Dog Daisy licking the baby's ice cream cone. Liven it up. In fact you could even tell the annual story with a collage of pictures.

2) It is NOT a time to brag – it is a time to celebrate the seasons of life. Don't think you have to try to outdo everyone else. While it would be wonderful to brag that your child was accepted to Harvard, you won the Nobel Prize for Peace and there were 50 wedding attendants at your daughter's wedding in Tuscany, wait … your closest friends already know your greatest accomplishments. Your friends will enjoy seeing your less than perfect family hugging, sharing a family dinner or informal scenes behind the wedding. For those who could not be at events, show them the real pictures, the real you. Then include a link to your Facebook page to see all of the fancy perfect posed pictures.

3) Keep the card focused on the season. This is not a time to add an advertisement about your business. Nothing turns people off more than getting a Christmas card that ends with … if you know someone who needs a buy or sell a house, call me. Yak. That takes the Christmas spirit out of the care entirely and most likely your care will be send to File 13 (the trashcan.)

4) Include a personal note to the addressee. Let them know how special they are to you and the family. A heartfelt card not only tells your story, but it makes the recipient feel as they are an important part of your extended family.

5) Prepare the cards with a blessing and love in your heart. As you create the special card by adding heartfelt words and pictures, before you push the SEND button and the beautiful card is printed, stuffed, stamped and sent, pause and send a mental blessing to everyone who will be touched by the card. The power of love knows no boundaries.

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